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To secure environments that are not inherently secured is not always easy and does not start by just adding security controls. It is about prioritizing the most critical processes, systems and identifying potential sources of attacks or vulnerabilities. Security is about identifying, managing and setting up a strategy.

As a partner in the development of connected products and services, CCTVTECH’Security Tech’ based products and solid security support from the initial idea to implementation. As business technologists, we will ensure you derive maximum benefit from innovation without compromising security for the organization.

CCTVTECH is a forerunner in the security technology arena providing products and solutions for :

  • Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)
  • Integrated Security Management System
  • Building Automation and Control Networks (BACnet)
  • Video Management Systems
  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS)
  • Mobile Video Surveillance
  • Fibre Optic Communication products
  • Wireless Communication products and data
  • Video Structured Network Solutions
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CCTVTECH’S mission is to exceed our clients specific and customized security needs by delivering the highest quality security related products and services based on trust and confidence.

What we do

Endorsed with vast areas of expertise and experience in design, engineering, manufacturing and R&D, CCTVTECH has become apparent as one of the leading suppliers of CCTV surveillance products in South East Asia, India, and Middle Eastern nations, as well as being a member of the ONVIF community.

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We are ready to provide security in resonable price and guarantee your safety in any situation in your life


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