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An All Wi-Fi Smart Community with Managed Video Collaborative & Protection Service

CCTVTECH Smart Connect provides all Wi-Fi system with Independent Living and Unified Communication system to shape a secure community and deliver the services that benefit all residents. The system can easily manage multiple connected devices, functions, locations, users and integrate ActionView Video in one app and further sync the information to assigned recipients for immediate response and enhanced protection.

Connected Smart Care Solution

All the sensors and cameras are auto-configured and integrated into one system, allowing remote control and monitor anywhere anytime.

Collaborative Notification Alert

During emergency events, all authorized users will be notified immediately upon the panic buttons are pressed. The cameras allows two-way communication and let the users to visually verified the situation to act accordingly.

One App, Total Control

CCTVTECH Smart Connect offers WWAlarm App, an integrated smart app allows users to arm & disarm the system from anywhere, receives video push notifications when sensors or cameras detect suspicious activities, live streaming and communication with our cameras, and control any in home automation devices such as light, thermostat, garage door right from your fingertips.

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