CCTVTECH established in Year 2008, with rapid development, has already been an industry leading specialized Surveillance Cameras and platform provider in Asia . CCTVTECH has been committing to the R&D, and Innovation in intelligent video products especially in Dual Spectrum Long Range Night vision specialized Camera solutions platforms, Body Worn Cameras , AI technologies in surveillance industry related solutions, and has been the leading company in the surveillance domain over 15 Years!

CCTVTECH is a forerunner in the security technology arena providing products and solutions for :

  • Speed Dome Cameras and PTZ platforms
  • Long Range Night vision Laser Cameras
  • Dual Spectrum Thermal Imaging Solutions
  • Electro Optical System ( EOS )
  • Ai Networks Cameras – Dome and Bullet
  • Marine & Explosion Proof surveillance solutions
  • Extreme Night vision Camera solutions
  • Fiber Optic Transmission & Network switches
  • Wireless Video Transmission Solutions
  • Video Display Solutions

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Thermal Series

CCTVTECH Advanced PBT4S Series With 1280x1024 Resolution And Motorized Lens Options

CCTVTECH released the new Dual Spectrum Thermal PTZ camera, PBT4S series - which has a resolution of 1280 X 1024 Resolution with fixed Lens or Motorized lens options. Also included 6-300mm motorised lens, 4MP Resolution HD camera for high resolution day time viewing.

  • Easy to setup and use
  • Environmental Sensors
  • Touch Screen Panel
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Advanced Body Worn Camera & Platform

CCTVTECH is a leading supplier of BWC , Docking Stations and Ai driven Monitoring Platform for body worn cameras and telematics, offering the most advanced body cameras Hardware’s in the industry i with its advanced features such as superior image quality, extended battery life, extraordinary functionality, Ai driven Analytics , Standard 4G – 5G Communication , PTE and of course the reliability.

  • Easy to setup and use
  • Environmental Sensors
  • Touch Screen Panel
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PB6516 Series

Long Range Uncooled Thermal & HD Visible Zoom Camera

  • 640 X 512 Uncooled Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Long Range 2 MP or 4 MP HD Camera
  • 72 X, 86X  or 92X  Optical Zoom 
  • Rugged Pan & Tilt Platform
  • Hybrid Design with Long Range Zoom
  • Object Tracking & Analytics
  • Optical Defog – Image Stabilization
  • Various customization available
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