PB-S4 (8 Ports Docking Station)

PB-S4 (8 Ports Docking Station)

8 ports Docking station

  • 8 Ports docking station without screen

Software Function

  • Equipped with body worn camera management system( V4.0)
  • Supports auto datacollection/ storage/ empty and auto expired data empty
  • Supports basic management, the binding of device and user, time correction
  • Supports data playback/ delect/ export, different user with different authorization

Hardware Function

  • 8 ports USB 2.0, supports 8 body cameras data uploading simultaneously
  • Auto recharging: Supports 8 body worn camera recharging simultaneously, 5V 1.0/2.0A, charging time less than 4hrs
  • Data import speed ≥3.9MB/s

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