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Electro Optics Solutions

360 Deg Thermal Panoramic Radar Long-range NghtVision Multi Spectrum Ai Platform for Situational awareness Customizable to client requirement



The first 8um uncooled infrared detector of the world


2M HD image, clearer picture quality, richer details


Intelligent multiple object recognition


Visible light and thermal imagery, which realize all-daymonitoring


360° rotating for real-time image and video, real-time imaging, real-time panorama

Alarm Linkage CCTV/EO System Smartly

360° no blind monitoring

Application Scenarios

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Smuggling and Stowaway

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Emergency Rescue

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Forbidden Illegal Intrusion

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Dally Rare Animals Monitoring

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Fire Detection and Monitoring


Diversified Preview Modes

The system leverages advanced technology to capture more information through 360° Radar Image, providing a comprehensive Panorama Overview, Main Monitoring Area analysis, and Key monitoring image integration for enhanced situational awareness in surveillance and security applications.

This multi-modal data fusion allows for real-time threat assessment and rapid response capabilities.

Smaller pixel size, higher-definition imaging

The Uncooled series is equipped with an 8μm infrared detector, offering superior sensitivity and thermal imaging capabilities. It also embeds the industry's state-of-the-art optical image stabilization and stitching algorithm, enhancing image quality and details even in challenging conditions.

This technology ensures precise image capture for a wide range of applications, from surveillance to industrial inspections. Furthermore, the Uncooled series boasts a rugged design, making it suitable for operation in harsh environments, and it supports various connectivity options for seamless integration into existing systems.


Multi-target Detection

This technology ensures precise image capture for a wide range of applications, from surveillance to industrial inspections. Moreover, the system supports the tracking and monitoring of up to 128 targets, providing real-time detection of multiple intrusive targets and displaying their movement trajectories.

This advanced feature enables security personnel to swiftly respond to potential threats and maintain a proactive security posture. The system's adaptability and versatility make it an invaluable tool for enhancing safety and surveillance across various sectors, including critical infrastructure, border control, and public safety.

Intelligent Visible Light Linkage

The system supports linking visible light equipment, such as high-resolution cameras and powerful lenses, to track targets and enable image magnification. This capability allows it to collect video image information for evidence, thus visually presenting the information of targets once they are detected.

This comprehensive visual data can greatly assist in providing strong reference information for the decision-making and command staff, enhancing their ability to respond effectively to various situations.


Visualization of Movement Tracks

The system provides real-time movement information, including speed, direction, and distance covered, and finally visualizes the target's movement trajectory with precision. Additionally, it can overlay historical movement data and environmental conditions, offering a comprehensive understanding of the target's behavior.

This feature is invaluable for users as it enables them to predict and judge the movement trend of the target, allowing for more accurate decision-making and improved situational awareness. This enhanced insight can prove crucial in a wide range of applications, from military operations to law enforcement and surveillance, ensuring that operators can make informed choices in dynamic scenarios.

All-Weather, Harsh Environment

compensating for the disadvantages of visible light monitoring at night and extreme weather, the system can realize all-day and all-weather detection. This means it can effectively operate in low-light or nighttime conditions and withstand challenging weather, such as heavy rain, fog, or snow.

This capability ensures continuous surveillance and target tracking, enhancing the system's reliability and performance in a variety of environmental conditions.


Wide-area surveillance

The three-level surveillance design is adopted in the scheme, which combines long-distance radar warning to detect threats at extended ranges, medium-range Electro-Optical Systems (E.O.S) for continuous search and detection to maintain situational awareness, and short-range PTZ cameras for detail alarm linkage, enabling swift response and tracking of potential intrusions.

This holistic approach realizes all-day, all-weather multi-level monitoring, ensuring comprehensive security in even the harshest environmental conditions and enhancing operational effectiveness.


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