Vehicle mounted Laser Night vision PTZ
Designed for Harsh enviornment

Support multilingual menu and operation prompt function, with friendly user interface
Support 3D intelligent positioning function and click tracking and zooming with NVR and
client software

Support power-off status memory function, automatically return to the monitoring position
before power-off or perform monitoring tasks before power-off, Idle operation, when no one
operates, it can enter multiple operation modes: guard position, automatic scanning, pattern
scanning, automatic cruise Support the power on action, and execute the scheduled
monitoring task after the ball machine is powered on

Support web to change front-end parameters. coordinate and time display, Ultra low bit stream
Adopt H.265/H.264 video compression algorithm

The image can be viewed and controlled through IE browser and client software, Support Micro
SD card. Support three code streams

Impact and corrosion resistance, with the protection level reaching IP67 With automatic wiper
cleaning function

Constant current circuit design, infrared lamp life up to 50000 hours if use IR Option

High strength aluminum alloy integral die-casting shell, internal all metal structure

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